The following testimonials are from both selected and non-selected Filmmakers.

DOFIFF is a one of its’ kind entity. I am so elated by the interests shown recently in my film, `Reggae In The City’, by Adler and Associates Entertainment Inc., and World Wide Motion Pictures Corp., and this was mainly due to your organizational efforts, and skill in the entertainment industry, with your Depth of Field International Film Festival. I cannot say enough thanks again for helping me move forward as a producer, and while I am still to hear back from WWPMC, I was approved by Adler and Associates, pending an mutual Agreement.
Bobby Chong

Let me say a big ‘wow’ of approval for the Depth of Field International Festival!  The award I received from this  festival immediately opened the door to a distributor tor my film, “Final Judgment.” It doesn’t get much better than that! I would tell any film maker ‘if you’ve got a good movie, this is the festival to enter; they help you take that next big step.   Hurry!
Anne L. Gibson, writer and filmmaker. top notch rating

Good opportunity for filmmakers to get always valuable feedback on your film and the potential for it to reach bigger audiences. We submitted our short "Captive" here and were selected and grateful to win an award. They do some good promotion for your film, putting your trailer on the site and have some nice distribution options. Most important to us was the feedback - very good feedback from their judges, much more than you typically get from most festivals. This was very helpful to analyze what we did right and wrong with the film.
Jesse Binger

Good competition.
Christophe Karabache

Thank you for the excellent organization of the festival! Thank you noted our film awards Value!
Olga Shtol

As hard as it is to make a movie, getting it out there in front of audiences is a full-time job in and of itself; one demanding different skills and proficiencies, and--let's be honest--one that's a lot less fun. Filmfreeway makes that job a lot easier, but for the first-time filmmaker, it is still a confusing landscape to navigate. That's why the Depth of Field festival was like a ray of sunshine. Not only did they provide great feedback -- and they provide it for films that are rejected as well as those that are accepted: who else does that? -- they put their money where their mouth is: after being awarded in a couple of categories (for which we are honoured and humbled), they did as they promised, and put our movie in front of real industry professionals. And sure enough, some were interested enough to approach us to talk about distribution. It was through DOFIFF -- and only through DOFIFF -- that our little independent, zero-budget film will be seen by people outside of our immediate families. For that I am eternally grateful to Sharon and her staff. They don't have to go the extra mile -- heaven knows most of the film festivals we've dealt with do not. But they do. So if you are toying with the decision of whether or not to submit to DOFIFF, take my advice: do it. You can't lose. If your film is good, you'll have a better chance of getting it in front of distributors here than just about anywhere else. And if your film is bad, they'll give you the kind of feedback you need to get it up to snuff. Thanks, Sharon! "The Kiss of Lady X" has been an intensely personal project from the very beginning, and we're happy to have you in the family!
Dean Karalekas

For new filmmakers, to discover DOFIFF is a gift! Why? First of all, because they will give you feedback about the reasons they reject your film if they reject it, then allow you to improve and resubmit it at no additional cost. I have never heard of anything like that. I am not writing this out of gratitude, because my film was not rejected. Then instead of just having "the top film" awards, they consider that films besides the ones getting the top awards can be important, valuable, have good qualities, etc., so they have various levels of awards...but also do not give every film an award. I found the organizer of the festival to be prompt, gracious, thoughtful, and respectful when I wrote with questions. And I LIKE the fact that it is not an in-person festival, because how many documentary filmmakers do you know who can afford to fly to a place where your film is screening but because no one has heard of you or your film, you spend a fortune in money and time trying to get people just to come and watch your film when there are so many other films to watch?! And the guarantee that distributors will see winners in the top two categories is of course a huge plus that many festivals cannot guarantee.
Paula Caplan

I will submitting more work to you guys, I love the fact you announce awards via telecast. That's pretty cool I like it. Thanks you the awards.
Jamon Holmes

First of all a BIG thank you for watching my film and taking the time to give a critical response. This happens so rarely, and I really do appreciate it....Thanks again for the time you are spending reviewing and contacting each of the filmmakers. I can assure you that we are, as a group, very appreciative of the work you are doing.
Mark Boutros
"The Collectors"

Thanks a lot for your explanation about your decision regarding "A Wasteland of Hate". I really appreciate that you took time to give a review, it's really helpful, in fact it's the first external review I got about my film.
Julien Tran
"A Wasteland of Hate"

Thank you for your interest in our work and for your constructive critiques of the two films we submitted to you. We appreciate your taking the time to send us this feedback.
Andrew Porterfield
"Brand New Day Productions"

Yes, I would love to re-submit my short film "Serial School" to your competition [for free].  Just know [that] I really appreciate this second chance...[as] I believe it will be worth it.
Paul Pastore
"Serial School"

Thank you . And speaking for our entire cast and crew,  we are honored to have our trailer included on this page with so many other quality films:)
Craig Horwitz
"The Mayo Conspiracy"

Thank you sooooo much for your reply!! You are amazing.
Chen Stella
"Fishing for ideas"

Thankyou very much for all your time and support.
Michelle Marquez
"The Emotional Dimmensions Of The James River"