In order to insure that each film is studied and rated on an individual basis, DOFIFF has instituted a system where entries do not compete against each other, but instead are recognized for their own individual merits.
For all intents and purposes, they compete against themselves:  each entry is judged on individual merits and scored on an inherent value system.

The judges focus is on your film when it is your turn to be evaluated, not on all the other films that are in cue: this insures that they will not have comparisons going on in their minds when they should be focusing entirely on YOU.

Judges score entries on a performance scale and winning entries are recognized and awarded not only for Best Of Show, but also for two Awards of Excellence levels, two Awards of Merit levels, a Kudos Endeavor Award, or no award.

Best of Show honors are granted to the top scoring entry/entries for each season;  Awards of Excellence are granted to entries with truly exceptional artistic and technical achievements; and Notable achievements are recognized at the Award of Merit and 'Kudos' award levels.

The number of awards granted at any given level will fluctuate based on the total number of entries received for each competition deadline.

To download your award seals/laurels, please go to, enter your user name and password, click the TOP banner and select:
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“The Merger”
 – Drama –
Foreign Feature Film (Hong Kong)
 Cinematography (Ko Chiu Lam)
 Creativity/Originality (Rachel Lam)
Direction (Jimmy Luk)
Script/Writer (Rachel Lam)
Set design (Sam Leung)
 Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery
“Happy Face”
 – Student –
Foreign Comedy Short (Spain)
Creativity/Originality, Direction (Marc Juvé)
Editing, Script/Writers:
 (Marc Juvé, David Aguirre Isabelle d'Orsetti, Daniel Fernández)
 Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
“The Emotional Dimensions Of The James River”
 – Student –
Domestic Short (USA)
Editing (Michelle Marquez and Patrick Gregory)
Sound Editing/Mixing (Michelle Marquez)
Research (Michelle Marquez)
Creativity/Originality, Cinematography:
 (Michelle Marquez)

"Face a la Guerre” (“Facing War”) France Inspirational Short film, direction (Stephane Bertrand)
Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery
“Gift” USA Loose Shorts Short film, and leading actress (Katherine Shepler), and  Cinematography
“Hyena’s Blood” Spain Trailer Short film, and Editing
“Kiss of Lady-X” Taiwan Zero Budget Feature film, and supporting actor (Maurice Harrington), and script/writer (Dean Karalekas), and trailer, and Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
“The Merger” Hong Kong Drama Feature film leading actor (Frankie Lam), Feature film leading actress (Rachel Lam)
“Phoenix” Germany Tight Shorts Cinematography, and Direction (Florian Frerichs)
“Prelude to Axanar” USA Sci-Fi Sci-Fi short film, and makeup, and editing
“Somos Amigos” Spain Student short film, and leading actor (Felix Gomez), and direction, and Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
“Star Wars: The Holo Xperience” Spain Tight Shorts Sci-Fi short film, and Special Effects Animation, and Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value

“A Dark Sanity” Lebanon Student Creativity/Originality
A Winners Journey” France Documentary Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
 “Amongst The Shadows” Germany Horror Feature Film, and Cinematography
“Austin” USA Student Drama
“Between Millimeters” Switzerland Zero Budget Cinematography
“Blood Ivy” Canada Student Drama/Suspense
“Cassandra” USA Tight Shorts Short film direction (Guy-Roger Duvert)
“Cinder Pumpkin” USA Student Drama, direction (Fi Dieter)
“Coco de Elevador” (“Elevator’s Coconut”) Brazil Animated Digital Animation
“Four of a Kind” Australia Dust Collector Mystery, leading actress (Leverne McDonnell)
“The Healing Of Heather Garden” Canada Inspirational Short film, Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational
“Hunger Strike” Palestine Documentary Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery
“I, The Worst Of All” USA Loose Shorts Comedy
“Irreversible” US Tight Shorts Drama, Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery
“L’Exil” (‘The Exile’) France Student Sci-Fi drama short film, and set design
“Little Red” USA Student Direction, and editing, and Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery
“Malas Vibraciones” Spain Comedy Short film, and leading actor (Aitor Mazo), and Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
“Man in a Box” USA Zero Budget 1st time filmmaker
“The Merger” Hong Kong Drama Feature film leading actor (Patrick Tam)
“Of Sentimental Value” USA Trailer Feature film
“Parallel Maze” China Sci-Fi Feature film
“Phoenix” Germany Tight Shorts Short film leading actor (Bruno Eyron)
 “Pins and Needles” USA Dust Collector Drama
“Reflections Of Maya Rose” Austria Drama Feature film, and leading actress (Alma S. Grey), cinematography (Meena Singh and Philipp Steiner), editing (Alexandra Wedenig)
“She’s Not Dead” Brazil Horror Short film
“The Stillbrave 100” USA Inspirational Short film
“Where Do Lilacs Come From” Australia Student Drama, editing
“Valley Of The Shadow” USA Zero Budget Feature film

“After Dark” Turkey Student Horror, editing
“All In Her Stride” Australia Documentary Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational
“Blood Ivy” Canada Student Feature Film
“Brother” Norway Tight Shorts Drama
“Cassandra” USA Tight Shorts Drama, costume design, cinematography
“The Childhood Of Orlandino. Antonio Pasqualino and the Sicilian Puppet Theatre” Italy Documentary Short film, direction (Matilde Gagliardo and Francesco Milo)
 Editing, research
“Conveyor Belt” USA Student Drama
“The Curtain Comes Down: The Birth of American Family Entertainment” USA Documentary Short film, and research
“Don’t Let Go” USA Loose Shorts Loose Shorts
“The Equation Of Life” USA Student Student
“Eye Of The Storm” USA Documentary Short Film
“Fancy Dancer” USA Loose Shorts Short film, direction (J.R. Mathews)
“Four Of A Kind”  Australia Dust Collector Drama supporting actress (Gail Watson)
“Frozen Time” South Africa Drama Feature Film
“Good Hands” Argentina Tight Shorts Dark Comedy
“Hostile” France Horror 1st time filmmaker
“In Dust And Ashes” Singapore Student Drama
“Indigo” USA Drama Feature Film
“Kisses In Zocalo” Norway Inspirational Short Film
‘LABEL” Germany Tight Shorts Comedy
“The Long Drive Home” USA Drama Feature Film
“Lux” UK Tight Shorts Drama
“Modieval” USA Student Creativity/Originality
“The Monsters” USA Loose Shorts Drama
“The Only Man” Spain Loose Shorts Drama
“Our Life In Make Believe” USA Drama Feature Film
“Plan Perfect” USA Loose Shorts Dark Comedy
“Reflections Of Maya Rose” Austria Drama Feature film, direction (Alexandra Wedenig)
"Ridley's Corner"
Short film, special effects makeup
 “#RIP” USA Student Comedy, director (Kevin Machate), supporting actress (Ammie Leonards)
“September Sketchbook” USA Animated Traditional Animation
“Subsurface Flow” USA Loose Shorts Drama
“Undressed” UK Student Student
“Valley Of The Shadow” USA Zero Budget Feature Film
“World To Come” Canada Drama Feature film, Cinematography, originality in avant-garde stylization
“Zugzwang” USA Student Creativity/Originality

“The Ambassador Of God” USA Documentary Feature Film
“The Asphalt Race” USA Student Comedy
“Between You And Me” USA Drama Feature Film
“Before the Silence” Netherlands Documentary Feature Film
“Beyond the Grave” Brazil Horror Feature film – Original theme song, and editing
“Blindside” UK Student Psychological thriller
“Blonde” USA Trailer Short Film
“Captive” USA Tight Shorts Drama
“Cinder Pumpkin” USA Student Drama, Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational
“Clash Of Gold” USA Student Documentary
“The Cost of Saviors” USA Student Drama
“Daughter Of The King” Canada Inspirational Feature film, leading actress (Debra van Gaalen), editing (Florin Marsteiner), direction (Matthew R. Marshall)
“Deadly Revisions” USA Horror Feature Film
“The Delivery” USA Student Short Film
“Diale” Australia Tight Shorts Mystery
“Diary Of Darkness” USA Loose Shorts Drama, leading actress (Cheyanne Kane)
"Drug Mule"
Feature Film, Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery
“Eagle Man Habla” Spain Inspirational Short Film
“El Corredor” USA Inspirational Short Film
"Farewell To Factory Towns?"
Subject, editing, research
“First Light” UK Drama Feature Film
“Fishing For Ideas” UK Student Stop-motion animation, originality
“Four Of A Kind” Australia Dust Collector Drama, supporting actress (Nina Landis)
“Her Blue Shanghainese Eyes” Canada Drama Feature Film
“The Illusionist” Turkey Documentary Short Film, Editing
“It’s All Good” USA Student Short Film
“Less” USA Student Drama
“The Maid” UK Drama Feature film, script/writer (Paul Emmanuel)
“The Mayo Conspiracy”  USA Comedy Feature film, originality
“The Media Song” USA Student Comedy
“Mort au rêve” (‘Death to the Dream’) France Loose Shorts Dramedy
“Of Sentimental Value” USA Drama Feature film, script/writer (Princess Fumi S. Hancock)
“Natsanat” USA/Ethiopia Documentary Research
“Shades Of The Face” USA Loose Shorts Drama
“She Rocks The Planet” USA TV Show TV Show
“Sugarhiccup” USA Loose Shorts Dramedy
“Valley Of The Shadow” USA Student Feature Film
“We Who Bleed” Sweden Student Documentary,  Short
“Welcome To Jarbo State: Sweden Documentary Documentary
“Whatever Comes Next” Switzerland Inspirational Feature Film
“Wonderment” USA Student Drama
“Woodfalls” UK Zero Budget Feature Film


“A Hospital In The Pines” USA Documentary Short Film
“Almost Chet” USA/Italy Student Drama
“Art House” USA Documentary Feature Film
“Betrayal” Taiwan Student Drama
“Clocked Out” USA Student Drama, Sound, Editing, Direction.
“Continuum” USA Tight Shorts Drama
“Diary Of Darkness” USA Loose Shorts Drama
“Dirty Dreams" USA Comedy Short film, and leading actor (Efraiem Hanna)
“The Dragon’s Son” Spain Tight Shorts Drama/Horror
“The Farm” USA Student Drama/Suspense
“Gaze of the Beholder” USA Documentary Feature Film
“The Imperative Prize” USA Student Drama
“Inside Out” USA Student Drama
“My Life Is A Movie” USA Zero Budget Feature Film
“Never Forget: Public Memory & 9/11” USA Documentary Feature Film
“Serial School” USA Horror Short Film
“Shades Of The Face” USA Loose Shorts Drama
“Subterranean Love” USA
Loose Shorts Drama
“Time Stands Still” USA Student Drama
“To Protect” Australia Tight Shorts Drama
“Xtreme Waste – Community Enterprise” New Zealand Documentary Short Film