What is the Depth Of Field International Film Festival?

The DOFIFF is a semi-annual competition presented as a virtual festival (on-line only) that uses its funding to help take its winning films to major markets such as the the AFM, Cannes and many others through major distributors, instead of using funds to rent theatres and host a party that lasts for a few hours. Our goal is a long-term success story for our festival winners by getting them the distribution exposure that counts. Sure, parties are fun, but our end goal is not to host a party. We are in the business of helping you make your film successful and get seen by distributors, and only they can dictate a theatre showing to further test the market.

What makes DOFIFF special?

What other opportunities do you offer?

Are there other awards besides the "Best Of" in each category?

Are there any unusual category classifications?

Are there discounts for students?

Do you allow entries that ALREADY HAVE DISTRIBUTION?

Does DOFIFF have any premiere policies?

What if my movie doesn’t make it as an “Official Selection”?

Each film, whether accepted into the festival or not, will be watched in its entirety:  Our co-founder is a Committee Member for the Universal Film & Festival Organization (UFFO.ORG).  The UFFO is a non-profit operating out of the U.K., which exists for "Promoting best business practices for film festivals.”  This guarantees that your film will benefit from a fair and thorough judging process.

What are the steps involved in the selection process?

DOFIFF carries a 20% rejection rate, so just being selected shows that your film is of high enough quality to be PRESENTED to the 2nd wave of nominating judges for POSSIBLE NOMINATION TO COMPETE.
IF the 1st wave of judges find minor flaws that can be corrected in order to be presented to the 2nd wave of judges, you will receive a separate email informing you of what the judges feel will prevent your film from being NOMINATED TO COMPETE: FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS IN THAT EMAIL.

If you do not receive a separate email, then your film has already been deemed suitable for presentation to the 2nd wave of NOMINATING judges for possible nomination to compete in your designated category.

 Nominated films will be listed by category on the DOFIFF.COM website.

To clarify, as stated on our website, that this is an ON-LINE Festival/Competition. Winning films will be screened at www.wrpn.tv (But this is optional)
We encourage you to visit www.WRPN.tv for video updates and more.

 When and how will the distributors view my film if it wins?

 All winners will have the OPTION to have their entire winning film on DOFIFF.com for 7 days: a specific calendar period when we will invite our associate distributors and others to watch. Winners have the option to show their entire film indefinitely or not at all. Also, if a winner opts to show only their trailer instead of their entire film for the distributor's week, that is an acceptable option, although we cannot guarantee a distributor’s consideration of a trailer if others are showing their entire films.

 Will my film be secure during the week that the distributors will view it on WRPN?

As long as you secure your embedding code, so that it allows only the DOFIFF.COM domain to play it, we guarantee our site and your film to be secure. We suggest using Vimeo instead of YouTube, as Vimeo is much more secure.