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Depth Of Field Int. Film Festival/Competition initial nominations from Carlos E Roman on Vimeo.

Depth Of Field Int. Film Fest. Competition second wave of nominations to compete from Carlos E Roman on Vimeo.

Depth Of Field Int. Film Fest. Competition third wave of nominations to compete from Carlos E Roman on Vimeo.


DOFIFF fourth wave of nominations from Carlos E Roman on Vimeo.


September Sketchbook Ronnie Cramer
Coco de Elevador Paulo Passaro

All In Her Stride  (Australia)   Fiona Cochrane
The Curtain Comes Down:
The Birth Of American Family Entertainment   (US)  
Andrew Porterfield
Welcome To Jarbo State   (Sweden)     Annelie Olsson
Art House (US)Don Freeman
The Ambassador Of God (US)Mark Schwab
The Childhood of Orlandino.
Antonio Pasqualino  and the
Sicilian Puppet Theatre (Italy)
Matilde Gagliardo and Francesco Milo
Gaze Of The Beholder (US)Wadooah Wali  - Hanh Nguyen
Eye Of The Storm (US)S. Kramer Herzog
Hunger Strike ( Palestine)Ashraf Mashharawi
A Winners Journey (France) Risa Cohen
The Illusionist (Turkey)Kagan Olgunturk
A Hospital In The Pines (US)Andrew Elizaga
Never Forget: Public Memory & 9/11 (US)Art Herbig
Xtreme Waste:Community Enterprise
 (New Zealand)
Aaron Mooar
Farewell To Factory Towns? (US)Maynard Seider
Before The Silence (Netherlands)Richard Dols


The Maid   (UK) Paul Emmanuel
Of Sentimental Value   (US)   Fumi Hancock
Indigo   (US) John Smith
Reflections of Maya Rose   (Austria)    Alexandra Wedenig
First Light (UK)   Tom Calder
Between you and me (US)J.J Pardo
Frozen Time (South Africa)Eric Miyeni
Her Blue Shanghainese Eyes (Canada)Betty Jiang
Our Life In Make Believe (US)Chris Lang
World To Come (Canada)Trevor Mowchun
The Merger (Hong Kong)Wing Sum  Leung
The Long Drive Home (US)William Tyler


Four of a  Kind  (Australia) Fiona Cochrane
Pins and Needles (US)Mark Schwab


Deadly Revisions  (US)   Gregory Blair
Serial School  (US)     Paul Pastore
Amongst the Shadows (Germany)Bogdan Tomassini-Buechner
She's not dead (Brazil)Marco Ferreira
Beyond The Grave (Brazil)Isidoro Guggiana
 & Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro 
Hostile (France)Nathan Ambrosioni


Of Sentimental Value    (US)   Fumi Hancock
The Healing of Heather Garden   (Canada) Judith Morrow
The Stillbrave 100   (US) Jay Korff
Kisses in Zocalo  (Norway) Maida Hals
Eagle Man Habla   (Spain) Christian Hervás Ivars
Valley of the Shadow  (US) Anna and Abigail Marshall
Face à la Guerre   (France)  Bertrand Stephane
Whatever Comes Next (Switzerland )Hildegard Keller
El corredor (US)Larry Thomas
Daughter Of The King (Canada)Matthew Marshall


I, The Worst Of All (US)
Francisco Fuertes
GIFT   (US) Michael Curtis
The Only Man  (Spain) Jos Man
Malas Vibraciones. Crónica de una
Infidelidad Mecanica (Spain)    
David Pérez Sañudo & Flavia Santos
Mort au rêve   (France) Camille De Chenay
Subsurface Flow  (US) Carl Bird McLaughlin
Shades Of The Face (US)Derek Hammer
Don't Let Go (US)Ralph Moore
Sugarhiccup (US)Lisa Donato
Fancy Dancer (US) J R Mathews
Plan Perfect John Schimke
Diary of DarknessCheyanne Kane
Subterranean LoveRobert Haufrecht
Blonde (US) Joanna Strange
The Monsters (USA)William Tyler


Modieval   (US) Bryan Ribeiro
The Media Song  (US) Jacob Hood
A Dark Sanity (Lebanon)   Mark Abou Farhat
Ridley's Corner (UK) Olga Matkovska
Undressed  (UK) Rahdy Elwan
Somos Amigos  (Spain) Carlos Solano Perez
L'Exil  (France) Pierre Leroi
Almost Chet  (US/Italy) Stefano Cominale
Valley Of The Shadows  (US) Anna/Abigail Marshall
In Dust and Ashes   (Singapore) Tom Seah
We Who Bleed (Sweden)
Zayera Khan
Clash Of Gold (US)Jaylin Pressley
Fishing For Ideas (UK)Stella I-Chen Chen (Taiwan)
Progress (US)Darius Key
The Theater (US) Salome Tkebuchava
The Asphalt Race (US)Gabby Brooks
Betrayal (Taiwan)Jerome Wang
Black Rock Creek (US)Malone Lumarda
The Farm (US)Malone Lumarda
By The Grace Of God (India)DR Saikat Chowdhury
Blood Ivy (Canada)Manny Mahal
Blindside (UK)Aim Wonghirundacha
Happy Face (Spain)Marc Juve
The Imperative Prize (US)Devan Young
Inside Out (US)Audrey Thomas
Less (US)Ben Glassman
Cinder Pumpkin (US)Fi Dieter
Cost Of the Saviors (US)Gabriella Romagnoli
Conveyor Belt (US)Brett Melnick
Little Red (US)Wynter Rhys
Austin (US)Benjamin Wilkinson
Wonderment (US)Daniel Orentlicher
Where Do Lilacs Come From (AU)Matthew Thorne
The Equation Of Life (US)Gerry Orz
After Dark (Turkey)Cem Balaban
The Emotional Dimensions Of The James River (US)Michelle Marquez
Otaku (US) Juliet O'Reilly
Clocked Out (US)Matthew Nadel
#RIP (US)Kevin Machate
Finding Faulkner (US) Sharie Vance
Yellow Jacket (AU)Brett Tinning
It's all Good (US)Jess Young
Time Stands Still (US)Sarah Berry
Drug Mule (Philipines)Christine Gutierrez


Man in a Box  (US) Kevin Davis
The Kiss Of Lady X  (Taiwan) Dean Karalekas
Woodfalls  (UK) David Campion
Valley Of The Shadow (US) Anna/Abigail Marshall
Between Millimeters  (Switzerland)Jorge Riesenfeld &
Angela Schwabenbauer
My Life is a Movie (US)Dale Ward


Parallel Maze  (China) Hua Ya
Prelude to Axanar (US)Alec Peters


Cassandra   (US)  Guy-Roger Duvert
LABEL  (Germany) Jaschar L Marktanner
Star Wars: The Holo Xperience   (Spain) Miguel Angel Sanchez Cogoll
Diale (AU)Albert Orr
The Good Boy (US)Alice L. Lee
Brother (Norway)Tommy Naess
The Dragon's Son (Spain)Fernando Allosa
Continuum (US)James Doh
Irreversible (US)Fi Dieter
To Protect (AU)Lyn Chick
Good Hands (Argentina) Francisco Bendomir
Lux (UK)Chris Chung
Captive (US)Jesse Binger
Phoenix (Germany )Florian Frerichs


Malas Vibraciones. Crónica de una
Infidelidad Mecanica (Spain)  
David Pérez Sañudo
& Flavia Santos
73 Dollarsto park (US)Javier Ortiz
Dirty Dreams (US)Chris Loper
Looking Up (US)Marvin Kaplan
The Mayo Conspiracy (USA)Craig Horwitz
Anthony J. Vollmer


Of sentimental Value   (US) Fumi Hancock
Hyena's Blood  (Spain)   Nicolas Caicoya
Blonde (US)Joanna Strange


Halfway Home   David Schroeder
Lost Cause   David Schroeder
Transit (Canada)Philip Piotrowski
The Final Witness (US)MathewGrodsky
Twinkle, Twinkle (Australia)Lyn Chick
Road To Earl Jana Meador
Still In The Game (US)George Flowers
Sardis The Merciful (US)Christian Thomas
Abu Salim (US)MathewGrodsky
All There Is (US)MathewGrodsky
75-44-5 (US)Christiaan Kutlik
Looking Up (US)Marvin Kaplan
Grace (Canada)Lynda Lemberg
Jeffrey Allen Russel
The Dead Site (US)Gregory Wolk
Incredibull (US)Gregory Wolk
The Pressure CookerGregory Wolk
The Merger (Hong Kong)Sam Leung


She Rocks The Planet (US)Meredythe Dee Winter