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Workhouse (France)
Charalambos Margaritis
Beware of Bunny (USA)
Rebecca Gill
Au Fil de L'eau (On flying water) (France)
Dominique Monfery
The Alphabetical Adventures of
Zelda Zingaro (USA)

Sue Rees
Ducky Duck (Malta)

Harald Winkler

Khyung (USA)

Sophie Li

A Warm Place (Australia)
Max Hiscock
A Distant Touch (USA)
Jun Chen

Palikari - Louis Tikas and the
Ludlow Massacre (Greece)
Nickolaos Ventouras
Chain Gang (USA)
Scott Houston
The Muse is the Mountain (USA)
Teresa Mular MD
Knowland (USA)
David Millett
An American Rhapsody (USA)
Allen Morris
Dreams in Naha (Mexico)
Juan Carlos Colin
Jaywalker (USA)
Steve Glinter
Happy Together (Czech Republic)
Magdalena Hola
When Voices Meet: One divided Country; One United Choir; One Courageous Journey (USA)
Marilyn Cohen
Searching for Nepal (USA)
Phil Deutschle
No Longer in Service (USA)
Christine Lazzarini
Old? (USA)
Katherine Roselli
It takes two hands to clap (USA)
Nadya Shah
Walking the Mammoth (USA)
Larry Ruiz
Auction Insider (USA)
Eric Benson
Chasing Bonnie and Clyde (France)
Olivier Lambert
The Thandhouser Studio and the Birth of American Cinema (USA)
Ned Thanhouser
Hotel La Louisiane Canada)
Marie-Josée Deblois
Offset: Seeing Beauty Through a Brain Injury (USA)
Adam Hall
4 Seasons - A gardens Journy (Canada)
Ashok Wardekar
Women Are The Answer (AU)
Fiona Cochrane
Steteless (USA)
Michael Drob
Reggae In The City
Bobby Chong


La Scultura (Italy) Evoque Art House
Chasing Rainbows (USA)
Robert Fritz
Blind Eyes (Yemen)
Hashim Hashim
The Dog (USA)
David Millett
From Seoul To Jakarta (Indonesia)
Damien Dematra
Lamia (France)
Christophe Karabache
The Wristwatch (USA)
Gino Gaetano
Leap of Faith (UK)
Dominic Ryan
Johnny Diggity (USA)
Norman Magden
Defenders of Life (USA)
Igor Darbo
Beautiful Destroyer (USA)
Christopher Dorrah
The Other Kind (USA)
Rosalyn Rosen
Justice (France)
Nicolas Delrieu
What Child is this (USA)
Kurtis Anton
A Human Story (USA)
John Fantasia
Busted City (USA)
Paul Carr
Nursery Rhyme (USA)
Ron Vincent




DOG BYTES: Web Series Pilot (USA)
Tammy Tsai
LILAC - Series Pilot -
"Getting the Point Across" (USA)
Hank Isaac
Pivot Point (USA)
Brian Nesbit
The Invisible Man (USA)
Timothy Compton
Those Damn Canadians (USA)
Christopher Brown
Hillbilly Philosopher (USA)
Jonathan Hubbell
40 Weeks and a half (USA)
Lourdes Alcaniz


Eru Ilúvatar (Finland)
Riitta Jalonen
Taste and See (Australia)
MJ Winter
Telleth of those that dwell in the water (Mexico) Roy Ambriz Rendón
Wandering Star (UK)
Sai Kelly
Forgotten Paradize (UK)
Sylvia Johnson
Krusing America (USA)
Linda Kruse
Ceaseless (AU)
Daniel Bloch


A Life Out There (French Polynesia)
Claire Schwob
Moments of Clarity (USA)
Ebrahim Ghaeini
Greece (Canada)
Sarah Deakins
The Sins of the... (USA)

Walter Hochbrueckner

BANHEE-Tune of the wind (India)

Devaa Prasana
Mayda (Singapore)
Abhishek Kumar
Mother (Austria)
Franz Maria Quitt
The NAked Truth About Fairies (USA)
Dean Temple
Horse Whisperer (Russian Federation)
Ratmir Lutfullin
Catching Broken Glass (USA)
Terrell Holden
Spirit from the Meadow (USA)
Joant Úbeda
Final Judgment (USA)
Anne Gibson
Beyond Redemption (UK)
Julian Hundy
Fathers (USA)
Jamie Rivera
Verse, Chorus (UK)
John Ludlam


Those Days (USA)
Elias Lumarda
Laura (Spain)
Julio Mas Alcaraz
Falling Angels (Denmark)
Josefine Pil Grangaard Olesen
Run Far, Stay Close (UK)
Mel Lou
Cal Just Needs to be Held (USA)
Nathan Dan
Broken Trust (Canada)
Kerry Panes
Manny and the Bell (USA)
David Connolly
47 Minutes (USA)
Austin Wilson (Australia)
Megan Watson
Díra (USA)
Matthew Lucas
Swoon (USA)
Jacob Joyner
Belitter (Singapore)
Mathankumaran Madawan
Pest Free? (New Zealand)
Braydon Moloney
Twin Lotus (China)
Yucheng Zhao
Adolescents (USA)
Tyler Byrnes
Progress (USA)
Darius Key
Clarence Deng
Here and There (Belarus)
Dyaa Alshikh
One with the devil (Canada)
Andrew Pollins
Backward Fall (Canada)
Andrew Pollins
Sinned (USA)
Hallie Baumann
Benched Love (USA)
Dominic Napoleon
One Foot In (USA)
Alexis Preston
Natasha Says (USA)
Ben Medina
Wenonah (USA)
Simon Tessmer
The landlady must die (Czech Republic) Ernesto Anaya Adalid
Beginnings (USA)
Eelum Dixit
Fidelity (Australia)
Giorgia Stawaruk
The Human Trials 1: The Snowbunny Series (USA)
Alec Marchant
6402 (USA)
Benjamin Watkins
Christmas Bonus (Philippines)
Ravien Bracero
Death of a government clerk (USA)
Mykyta Samusiev
Happenstance (USA)
Adolfo Hinojosa
Broken Edge (USA)
Dio Chen
Horse Whisperer (Russian Federation) Ratmir Lutfullin
The Dead Sons Tale (Brazil)
Fidelis Costa
Stage 5 (USA)
Jordan Kinsey
History Speaks (USA)
Trevor Chase
Katherine (USA)
Anand Prahash
Funny (ROmania)
Serban Racoviteanu
Sleepy Eyes (
Tanner Rawson
Aspirin to the Masses (USA)
Adam Nixon
Fragmentation (Traffic) (USA)
Stevenson Guillaume
Roads (UK)
Moss Davis
Miss (Canada)
Helen Park
Angel (USA)
Marty Wei
Tears Of Ghost (Indonesia)
Natasha Dematra
White Blood Cell (USA)
Frederick Criswell
Steampunk Coke (USA)
Max Tsui


Palikari - Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre (Greece)
Nickolaos Ventouras
Journey to Mt. Fuji (Japan)
Yukita Kusunoki
The Brightest Colours Make Grey (UK)
Daniel Audritt
David Holcombe
Peripeteia (UK)
Ben Carlin
"25" (US)
Brian Ireland
Serial School Trailer (USA)
Paul Pastore
Hidden from view (UK)
Peter Fearon
Evidence of Existence
Adam El-Sharawy
Carlos Dunn's Katherine (USA)
Carlos Dunn
Yesterday, Today, Yesterday (Canada)
Journeyman (USA)
Matthew Weaver
Death Drive (Finland)
Jon Soldehed
The Profesional (UK)
Taras Groves
The Last Man On Earth (USA)
Todd Portugal


The Last Case of August T. Harrison (USA)
Ansel Faraj
Thalion Ltd. (Spain)
Alicia Albares
Mining Moon (Canada)
Brian Morelan


Winter's Hold (USA)
Ian Voglesong
Sleeper of the Valley (Canada)
Yael Carnet
Save the Putnam Nature Trail (USA)
Will Sanchez
Vishal (Canada)
Sumit Judge
Practice (USA)
Derek DeRoche
Silent Majority (Australia)
Gary Boulter
Air/Fix (UK)
Gerard Lohan
Danny & Julia; Contemplation of Being (USA)
Helder Pedro
Manmaker (USA)
Amber Sykes
Accident (USA)
Ava Tong
Ghosts of the Long Ago Drawer (USA)
Al Germani
Silenced (USA)
Alaa "Zak" Noweihed
No More Tomorrows (USA)
Chris Emmons
A Way Out (USA)
Jason Tostevin
Teaming Up (USA)
Thomas Rondinella
Poison Apple (USA)
Dane Neves
Local Girls (Canada)
Callen Diederichs
Breath (Mexico)
Ernesto Anaya Adalid

Krämpüss Is Back (Canada)

Dmytro Denysov
This is Good: Episode 6 (UK)
Tom Bridger
The Mega Plush - Episode II (USA)
Matt Burniston
M is for Marilyn (USA)
Christian Ochoa
Phaneron (USA)

Jonathan Case

MADNESS (Canada)
Michelle Brezinski
Old Habits (UK)
Paul Harry Thomas
Twisted (AU)
James Hartley
One Day Of End (Canada)
Alison Honey Woods
It's My Decision (USA)
Ralph Odierna
We have 10 Minutes (USA)
Ralph Odierna
Homeschool Reunion (USA)
Matt Rtchey


Best Man in the Dark (USA)
Alfred Padilla
Sur-Luck (Thayland)
Tom Jumpoth


We Can Be Gay Today - Baltic Pride 2013 (France)
François Message
The David Whiting Story (USA)
Sean Butay
Jayson Bend: Queen and Country (UK)
Matt Carter
Walking the Walk (India)
Moses Tulasi
Technical Difficulties Of Intimacy (USA)
Joel Moffeett


Requiem (USA)
Irene Suver
Making Choices (USA)
Ken Ross
How to catch a time traveler (Netherlands)
Graham Parke
Lisa and Sharon get married in Utah (USA)
Ann Chamberlin
Jana Meador
CAll Sign: Oscar (USA)
David Neuer
Eli's Dream (USA)
Ken Ross


Professor Isle's Laboratory (USA)
Lance Barnett
Morningside TV Movie Pilot (USA)
Debbie P. Kelley
Krusing America (USA)
Linda Kruse
Making it with Moraes (USA)
Marcelo Silva